Reputation & Brand Management

Reputation is everything. Online reputation needs to be constantly monitored and guarded. It takes lot of efforts to build reputation, and it could be tarnished with ease by unscrupulous elements or disgruntled competitors. We have the experts with winning strategies and tools who will spot out and systematically remove the negativity about your business from search engine results.

In the present times creating and maintaining the online reputation of an organization or an individual is one of the most important and the most sought after things in the world. The concept of search engine reputation management is thus very fast becoming one of the most important aspects of brand building in the present day world of business.

Enchanter understands that the years of hard work done by an organization in building and maintaining their reputation could be tarnished for a long time to come by a single negative posting on the first pages of a search engine.

Negative post effects on Online Reputation

Just one blog can pose a threat to the individual or a company image

Threat to your company's reputation from an ex-employee

Threat from an aggressive competitor

Threat from a dissatisfied customer posting complaints

Scraper sites picking up content from your website

What we do

Search engine optimization techniques augment the traffic towards client sites

Supplanting the negative listings with the positive ones to draw positive and favorable results

Ensuring current or potential employers, business partners or employees or even investors come across the right picture of your organization

Preventing any negative listing from tarnishing your carefully maintained reputation

SEO Exercise for maximum positive post visibility